TreeView 4.4 in Mendix 7.1 gives error with applyContext

I've configured the simplest possible example of a treeview and I get an error when viewing the console in Chrome:   mxui.js?636284724564508753:formatted:7571 Error: TreeView_widget_TreeView_0.applyContext: Error: TreeView_widget_TreeView_0.applyContext: TypeError: Cannot read property 'set' of undefined I also get a dialog box indicating I should contact my system administrator. If I misconfigure the widget, I get errors that indicate what I did wrong on the page, but in this case the error message is not helpful. I've placed the TreeView in a dataview and configured it with the object type of the dataview. Is this widget intended to work on 7.1.0?  Isn't applyContext deprecated? Edit: Here is a link to my project file created with Mendix 7.1.1:
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That's weird. I checked this against Mendix 7 and it worked. I'll dive into this issue. Is it possible for you to share the settings and/or test-project for this particular issue? applyContext is indeed deprecated. Did you update the widget or install it new from the AppStore?