Data Tables: Sort order defaults and progress bar for buttons.

Hi There   There are two things i can’t do, am i overlooking something?   First thing: I would like to show each the data descending date, but the default is ascending and i cant change it. e.g. I have a list of stock takes and i would like to show the last one's first but by default the data tables shows the oldest ones first.   Second thing: I need the progress bar on the edit button as i do some calculation and the users are not sure what is happening as i can’t inform them that the system is running.   Is there a way to do these, or will the widget have to be updated.   Regards, Patrick
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Hi Patrick,


In short, for both the widget needs to be changed. Please create issues for each on the GitHub repository:

Currently, the sort is defaulted to the first sortable column. But when statesaving is enabled, that will overrule the default. So I doubt wether adding descending sort to the configuration will help you as the user can change it.


The progress bar can be added. No problem there.