Screen becomes slow in case of huge number of objects

HI everyone, On a mendix form, we have a custom widget which loads about 7000 objects. The widget displays those objects. However, after displayed those objects, sometime the screen is quite slow. We are thinking that Mendix does some cleanup, triggered by timer. Each time it costs 2~3 secs, making screen freezed. Here are the profile we captured: Have you experienced the same behaviour? And do you know what's the solution? Best regards,
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It is centainly not a best practice to load 7000 objects in your page. Some browsers can handle it (Chrome), but IE probably not.

Maybe you could try to solve this by using steps which applies filtering. 

We've once had this problem with the calendar widget, which did not apply the XPath constraint well and loaded all database entries. The browser memory usage was above 1 or 2 GB and the browser page crashed every time.