Images are not visible in e-mail

  The images which were present in the email template were not visible in the email body. The Widget which is used - Bootstrap RTE. I have read in this forum it self that Email Server will block images. Is there any solution for this problem? Could anyone please help me out how to make them visible.    Thanks in Advance.
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Sending images in a email can be more difficult than it seems, a few things need to be considered depending on your target audience.


CID embedding:

The Email Template module from the AppStore can also send images, but uses Content ID (CID) which often doesn't work in web clients like gmail.


Binary64 embedding:

Replacing the Bootstrap RTE editor in the Email Template module (as suggested in other answer) will provide you with this option. The size of the email may become bigger, and often corporate email clients tend to block these emails although they do work better in clients like gmail compared to CID.


Linking to your image:

Linking the images in your email often works best when you need to send email to various different email clients. For example, if you have the option available, you can use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to host them.



May be you could try the Rich text editor widget ( That one seems to be able to insert images in your mail.




My mistake. The rich text suite is the old one that is superseeded by the CKEditor

That one you can style which button you can see.