D3 gauge widget showing error.

Hi, I implemented the D3 gauge chart in my project. I have created the GaugeWrapper non-persistent entity as mentioned in the doc and mapped the values to the chart. When I run the application I am getting " An error occured, please contact your system administrator. ". Did anyone face this issue? The below image is the entity GaugeWrapper. MicroFlow is as follows: On click of button I am shaowing a page. The page on load calling the above microflow. Sorry for the inconvenience due to images. The page is displaying with error "An error occured, please contact your system administrator."   In console it is showing as follows:
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Finally the error got fixed.

The following error got displayed in my browser console :

D3Gauge_widget_D3Gauge_0.applyContext: Error: D3Gauge_widget_D3Gauge_0.applyContext: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined.

The reason for this is I did not add ranges in Color Gauge Section of the properties in Arc. So now when adding the ranges and running the application the error got fixed.

Hope this might be helpful for someone who faces the same issue.

Thank you all.


I did not see this issue yet. If this was logged via GitHub I could have added some checks for you ;). Anyway, just released a new version of the widget in which a check is done on the consistency of the ranges added from within the Modeler to shape the Gauge via this widget. 

Release 1.1.0 includes:

Added range consistency check for when ranges are configured incorrectly within the Modeler. Three checks are included:

1. First Range should start at 0;
2. Each subsequent Range should start at end of previous Range;
3. Last Range should start at 100.‚Äč