Line Break in template grid of a document template

Hi,  I need to add a line break in a template grid of a document template, mendix doesnt allow line break on template hence i tried adding an empty label, but it doesnt do the trick.  also i did add the custom css but even this doesnt work.  empty-cells : show; Do we have any workaround to achieve the same?  Thanks in advance 
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One work around I have used is to add a small transparent image to my Model and then add that image to the document template in the template grid.  In my case, I create a transparent image 10 pixels tall (width is not important provided you don't make it too wide).

Not as elegant as CSS, I know, but it does what I want it to do.



The workaround I used was a static label, on a new table row.

I used an underscore and gave it the same colour as the background.

Use font size to set the size of the break. 


Hi Rachana,


Can you use a CSS margin or padding to create the required space between the objects?


Hi Rachana,

I would edit the theme (SASS files). Here you can create a specific CSS class and add that to your template grid.

You can also use the :after property in these SASS files, e.g.:

.elementAfterWhichIWantALineBreak:after {
  white-space: pre; /* or pre-wrap */