DatePicker in Mendix 7.2.0

I just observed some strange behavior with a Date Picker in Mendix 7.2.0. In this case, I have a page which has a page parameter dataview, then a nested dataview inside it, and then within the inner data view is a date picker. The inner data view is getting the object from a microflow, which is creating a new object in memory and passing it to the dataview. It is initiating the date field in this object to [%CurrentDateTime%], and if I debug the microflow, I see that it gets set properly within the microflow. However, when the page is displayed, the date picker displays "NaN/NaN/0NaN". This to me seems like something is going wrong with the date picker widget in getting or displaying the date value in the client. I've tested this in Chrome and Safari and get the same results in both. Anyone else seen this happening? Am I missing something I should be checking? Let me know if you have any thoughts.
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Did you refresh the object before you passed it? Because now it seems that there is no object in the client.