Date picker in Mendix 7.2.0 displays NaN/Nan/0Nan after upgrading.

Hi All The datepicker in mendix 7.2.0 displays NaN/Nan/0NaN as soon as i refresh the client without commiting. I see this same bug was reported 2 days ago by someone else. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it? I changed the default date format under settings but that did not help.   Regards, Patrick
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Hi, this is fixed in 7.3:

"We fixed the server-client serialization of changes for read-only date, Boolean, integer, long, and reference set members. (Ticket 52317)"


Ran into this issue also. Even the default mendix projects from the appstore have this issue.


I think it has to do with committing and entity acces. A quick work around is using a different entity to display the date. And then pass that date to the "real" object in the background.