Dropdown elements to be filtered, by typing some element name.

Hi,   I need a dropdown that has to show all the elements below in the drop down as well as user should able to filter the elements by typing the element name. User should be able to see what he/she is typing to filter the elements on the screen. As of now, in the dropdown we can able to filter them by typing the element name but unable to view what is been typed. I also check Auto complete widget from the app store, for this user is able to see what is been typed but initially, the elements are not been displayed in the drop down unless user types any thing.
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The autocomplete widget from the appstore has a setting (Minimum input length) that determines how many characters must be typed before the results are retrieved. 

If you set this value to 0, the dropdown initially shows all possible values; when the user starts typing the list is filtered.
Is this what you are trying to achieve?


This is to my knowledge currently not possible. You either see what you type and suggestions are given but no dropdown. You then have a seperate select screen with search capabilities. Or you have a dropdown. It all depends a bit how large the dropdown is. A dropdown with hundreds of items is not so user friendly.