How to display datapoints over time

I'm trying to use a line chart to display daily sales over time (y axis is the sales (in dollar amount) andI want the x axis to be time in days). I currently have the line chart in a template grid. I'm using a data view to enter the data and a data grid to display it. The line chart pulls from the microflow that has 'Sales' as its parameter. The problem I'm having is that as I add new data, instead of it showing up on the same chart, it creates another chart. How should I fix this?
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Based on the information you gave, it seems that you let the template grid retrieve the series data from the Microflow (MF).

The purpose of the Template grid is to iterate over all items of the List (returned by the MF).

That's probably why you see a new chart appear when adding new data.


I do not know which chart widget you're using.

But you could have a look at the  Time Series widget (app store link)

This widget can be configured with a Microflow as data source. and then you should see 1 chart with all data.

(no need for the additional Template Grid!)