Login problem with hybrid app on iOS

Hello, We're making a Hybrid app with mendix but we've got some problems with login handling. We use the Pin Login widget from the appstore and authenticate with Active Directory over LDAP. When we login from the web or an Android phone everything is working fine. You login using username and password on the pin widgte and the user role is changed on based of Active Directory Groups. Mendix then shows a different homepage for the user Role. Only on iOS the login is going wrong. The Pin Login Widget is, after login, dissapering but the page is not reloading to antoher role-based homepage. If I look at the backend i see the user is created succesfully in Mendix Usermanagement and the role is changed to the wright role. Has anyone have any idea where to look for? And how I can do better debugging at this level?   Thanks a lot for any advise!
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