How can I solve the Could not create widget mxui.widget.ReferenceSetSelector problem?

Hi, I've got a page where users can review a Ticket entity (Ticket_Review). A ticket can have multiple tags and a Tag can be used by different tickets (many to many relation). From the Ticket_Review page, users can add or remove tags on the ticket through a Reference Set Selector. In the Ticket_Review page you can also hit a button to edit the ticket's title. This button will bring you to a new page with a Data View and a save and cancel button for submitting the new title.   PROBLEM The problem is the following: every time a user goes to the screen for editing the ticket's title and he hits the save or cancel button, the screen closes, the user can see again the Ticket_Review page but there is the following error on the place of the Reference Set Selector: Could not create widget mxui.widget.ReferenceSetSelector.   WHAT HAVE I TRIED TO DO I have checked the application's console but I can't find anything related to this problem. When I remove the Reference Set Selector widget from my screen, I don't have this problem anymore.   QUESTION Does somebody know why I'm getting this error? Does somebody know how to solve this?   Thanks in advance
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Does this only happen when the user clicks cancel button? If so, a default cancel button in a data view will delete an uncommitted object. So in this case, it's actually deleting the ticket the user was working on. Instead, you could change the button to just close the page.