Building Charts in Mendix using ChartsJS widget

Hi people,   I have been trying to build charts using the ChartsJS widget in Mendix. Despite a handful of modules I am still not able to perform this. The idea is to plot a time line displaying the succes/failure of events. The data is already there in a Mendix model we build, but I want more insight in the data for users. Does anybody have a good documentation for a beginner in Mendix?  I used this how-to module but was not able to run the program. I suspect that I missed something or that the module is not compatible with the Mendix 7.2.0 I currently use.  Thank you very much in advance.   Lars
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Hi Lars, ChartJS widget is a great and effective widget, but it requires a little bit of background info. As first download the Github Mendix project  which can be found in the 'test' folder and try to run this one in Mendix 6.9.1 for example. That Mendix project contains  all kinds of examples charting with data.

The first thing you should know with this widget the datastructure which is explained in the Github project. Extra info is that each dataseries should contain the exact amount of datapoints. ChartJS isn't that clever to figure out which datapoints are missing and adding them to the chart. 

I understand that the challenge for you is: how to transform your datastructure to the datastructure of ChartJS. What I normally do related with dates is transforming a date to an integer for the 'xsortingvalue' according the format: 'yyyyMMdd'. 

I hope this will help you the right direction.