Bootstrap image carousel

I am developing a mobile application which allow the user to post the ad along with multiple images uploaded,I am trying to display that  images  for that  particular ad in the bootstrap carousel , which doesn't  allow me to pass the input parameter of the ad object.So how can i retrieve the images for that particular ad?
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Hi there,

The widget is not currently set up to allow this input parameter. However, changing it is quite easy.

Here's the line you need to edit: change needsEntityContext="false" to needsEntityContext="true"​​. This will cause the widget to expect to be placed inside of a data view, and your list microflow will expect that data view's object as a parameter.


If you haven't worked with custom widgets before, here's the quick and dirty way to edit a widget:

  • Go to your project directory, then the widgets folder
  • Find the bootstrap carousel widget
  • Rename from file extension from ".mpk" to ".zip"
  • Unzip the file
  • Open the BootstrapCarousel folder to find BootstrapCarousel.xml
  • Open the file, edit as above and save your changes
  • Re-zip the widget:
    • Selecting the BootstrapCarousel folder and package.xml
    • Right-clicking and select send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder
  • Rename the zip file back to the original mpk extension
  • Delete the remaining unzipped folders/files
  • In the modeler, press F4 to re-sync with the file system and force it to read your changes