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I know it is possible to show the duration between a date and the current time like you have on the forum home page (Created 1 hour ago etc.). To my knowledge there was a widget that could do that, but my memory is failing me because I can not find it in the appstore. And searching the forum did also not help me allthough I am quite sure that there has been a post about such feature. In the appstore I do find such functionality usint the custom string widget and a complex microflow. But with the widget from my memory it was far simpeler sollution. I also found some Java code that could do this far easier then the complex microflow ( Anybody can still recollect about which widget I am talking about? As alternative I will use the microflow, but performance wise I do think that it can be done easier. Regards, Ronald
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The Format String widget has a 'Date format' = 'Relative' Setting.

I assume that's the one used in the forum too.