No constructor found for widget InlineObjectCreator.widget.InlineObjectCreator

I have downloaded the Widget "inline object creater and I put in inside a data view for an entity. Then when I launch the page where is should be shown I get the error message: "No constructor found for widget InlineObjectCreator.widget.InlineObjectCreator" I don't know how to solve this error, I have tried googling and I have cleared my browser cache already. Does anyone know what to do? Kind regards, Jesper
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Hi Jesper,
The error message you are getting is a generall error message that something went wrong and the widget could not be properly loaded. You can try opening to debuger console in your browser to get more information.
I have not used this widget but seeing that it is pretty old it might not be compatible with the mendix version you are trying to run.
I would suggest leaving a comment on the widget and hope that the creator responds.