Logging from widget to Mendix Console.

Hi,  I've read the post from 3 years ago - https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/5540 Is it still the case to handle logging you need to create a custom Microflow for this?  I was hoping there existed within the client API something similar to the ILogNode within the RunTime API. Could you imagine how great that would be 😍.    Thanks.   
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Hi Simon,

For a customer I created a client side logger (long time ago). Capturing all in console output and send it to an external server.

Widget was never completed and implemented fully. 

The widget was overwriting console.log warn and error; capturing the output and forward it to an URL with additional information. This could be captured with custom request handler written in java that that logs the information in to the console.

For app with a large user base it is recommended to send the logs to and external system.

Cheers Andries