Reference selector communicating on the same page

Dear fellow Mendixers, I’m currently working on a page which connects multiple entities to a single entity via a couple of reference selectors. What I’m trying to accomplish is that the entity selected in one reference selector constraints the choices that can be made in the following one. So for example first a client organisation is selected and then a cardholder. The options in the second reference selector should be restrained to just the cardholders with an association to the organization selected in the first reference selector. We have managed to pass the information through a microflow source but for some reason the list doesn’t show in the dropdown. I’m now going to try to get this done via some wizard pages but I thought I would ask here as well. Does anyone have any ideas? If I didn’t explain something clearly please let me know. Thanks in advance Hessel
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Did you already tried the constrained by function? See documentation here:





In this scenario it is key to refresh the entity (caller-of-the-page/dataview) once you have selected the value in the first reference selector.

This On Change refresh microflow which you should add to the on change event of the first reference selector, should refresh the caller of the page/dataview entity and will trigger the datasource microflow for the second reference selector.