Updates with 1 to 1 relationships

I have two tables  :  ptprofile and encounter.  I am attempting to use ptprofile, over association ptprofile_encounter on a single page to perform the save or update ( there is a 1 to 1 relationship between the tables. When I run the program, it will not allow me to edit or update the fields for the ptprofile entity. It appears to only display them and provides no means for entry. The setting is set for editable so I am not sure why the update is not allowed. Other relationships which are 1 to * work properly and allow for updates and creation of the table entries.   Any thoughts would be appreciated.    
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Has an instance of ptprofile been created with the association set to the instance of encounter that you are displaying on your page?  If not, you'll need to create that object and make sure to associate it to the encounter object that is displayed on your page.

Btw, 1 - 1 relationships mean just that.  Each ptprofile can be associated with only 1 encounter and each encounter can be associated with only 1 ptprofile.  In my experience, 1 - 1 associations are rare in Mendix development....just want to make sure you realized how they work.