Update of 1 to 1 relationship content not working

I have created several entities including two ( encounter and ptpersonal) that have a one to one relationship (1-1).   I have an input screen that  has encounter information on the top, and the ptpersonal information on a tab on the same page. The ptpersonal shows as its data source  ptpersonal, over association encounter_ptpersonal. When accessing the page, the encounter information is properly shown, and the captions for the data fields for ptpersonal are properly displayed. However, although the boxes are present for the individual entry fields on the screen, they do not allow for entry. ( the properties for the form indicate "editable", however I am unable to enter the information for the fields.) On the same screen, I have other tabs that use 1-many relationships. These work properly and allow me to enter multiple table entries.  The 1 to 1 relationship has been properly defined for the encounter and ptpersonal entities.   Any guidance would be appreciated.   rob  
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Before you come on the page you need to create the ptpersonal object and link it to the encounter object (for instance with a microflow).

Otherwise there is no object available which you can edit.


If answers to above question is YES, and still issue persists, please find below the other ways.

Data view (ptpersonal) using micro flow is always non editable.

if you are trying to create a new object, then call the form using microflow with new (ptpersonal) created before the show form.


Hi Rob,

Are you sure all dataviews have editable set to 'Yes'? And does the user have Write rights on the attributes that you want to be editable?