Images from System.Image are not visible when using Mendix built-in ImageViewer in Internet Explorer 11

Good day everybody,  For some time we experience the problem that images are not shown (See attached image)  in Internet Explorer 11 when they are uploaded using the Mendix image uploader. Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari are showing the image perfectly but only Internet Explorer gives us a hard time. We took a look at it and the image url ( does not contain a filename, like .jpg. All other browsers seem to ignore this and just simply show the image on the site except for Internet Explorer. I tried looking for other ImageViewers in the AppStore but they do not seem to work with by user uploaded images. Does upgrading to Mendix 7 resolve this issue or has somebody found a workaround to let IE11 show these images? Those images are part of a 'My page' where customers can add their own pictures, so we cannot add them to the modeller up-front or use a variable URL.  Thanks in advance! Kind regards,  Tim  
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Please override from the System.Image instead of Fileddocument.