How get the text box dynamically when click on onChange event

In my project dynamically appended the text box data when i click on onChange event in a dropdown box, if you know please help me
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I assume you're working over association with that dropdown box but I'm not sure if you are having issues with refreshing data on your page or retrieving the value from the textbox in your dropdown onchange event.

Either way, if you have refresh issues make sure that you've clicked "Refresh in client" in your change object action. If the value you want to refresh on the page is presented over association you can also do a refresh on the parent entity with a change object or with the classes "refreshClass" or "refreshClassObject" from the CommunityCommons module.

If you are have trouble getting the input value from the textbox in your onchange event make sure that you retrieve the value "by association" and not "from database".