Accessing Mendix Widgets from A Custom Widget.

  Hi, When I create a new custom Mendix widget (dojo/dijit based), is it possible to access Mendix widgets through code? to add them to the custom widget template, handle their events...etc.   If yes, where can I find the Mendix widgets JavaScript documentation?   Thanks
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There are some ways to interact with Mendix widgets. But these are, as far as I know, not documented and not to be considered an official API.

Maybe when Mendix is done with reworking their widget architecture there may be some options for this in the future.


Fabian is correct. We have some ways of including widgets, by including for example 


in your widget. Mendix does not support the inclusion of standard Mendix components like this, as it is prone to breaking things and/or changes. R&D is working on complete revising the Mendix client, we might have the abilities then. That's uncertain now.

The starting point for building widgets is here. The documentation regarding the Client API can be found here.