Dropzone - View file rather than download and also group.

Hi All I am using dropzone. What is the best way that i can view a document rather than downloading. I also would like to know the easiest way to group documents if i set a type to them: Doc – Type 1 Doc – Type 2 Doc – Type 3 Doc – Type 2 Then I can group them in Mendix with a group box. For example Type 1 Doc Type 2 Doc Doc Type 3 Doc Thanks Eben
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You can use the Document Viewer in the app store to display your documents in your forms.

As for displaying according to type. You can create an Enumeration of the types of documents which you set accordingly when committing the document. In your overview page you can create a listview (or something similar) for every type of document, which retrieves the documents from the database either by microflow or xpath, where you check if the document is of that type.


Retrieve your entity by Xpath


[documentType = ' Invoice']