Dropzone widget - retrieving file icons when navigating back to page, UX issue

Hi all I've been working on setting up the Dropzone widget for apps and have run into some UX issues with it. Functionally, after setting up the commit/delete microflows it's all sound. However the problem I have is when uploading files, navigating to a next page, then returning to the page with the dropzone. 1- DZ and data grid 2- after some input 3- after input, leaving page and returning  The data/file is still retained, and committed, and as seen in the data grid i've included below it can still be deleted if needed. But the original icons aren't retrieved, so it looks to the user that everything's been removed if a data grid isnt also used Has anyone run in to this and found a solution?  I've tried using retrieve calls in a microflow going to the page with no success.   Cheers
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Hi Luke,  the dropzone widget is intended as a zone to drop your files, it is not showing data from Mendix. So after closing the form the icons are gone.

You can show your images with a template grid in a separate page.