How to input text values

1,How to get input values directly from user   2, How to use enumeration values 3, I am developing travel insurance application in that         3.1,  how do I assign fare value based upon the number of days travel . For example if the user is choosing 5 days means I have to assign 50 fare units then 10 days means 100 fare units and i am using enumeration for choosing number of days
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Hi and welcome,

The introduction course of mendix (online course here: ) shows you how to use values entered by a user (short answer: forms)
Enumeration values is like a fixed set of options to be used by microflows, user etc.

I recommend you follow the training, it will give you a basic understanding of how everything works and should answer 1 & 2.

3. can be done by creating a microflow that calculates the fare value.