Google Maps Widget breaks when switching between web modeler and 7.6.0

When using the Maps Widget (latest version) in the web modeler for the HRM tutorial, it works as it should. However when switching to the desktop modeler, it breaks and shows the error as seen in the attached screenshot. Oddly enough it also blocks the input box for the attribute above the widget from editing. This can be prevented by placing the widget in its own container: Due to this issue and trying to solve it, I am currently unable to merge the project on the web and desktop modeler, referring me to Tortoise in order to fix the conflicts. Just for context, cause that's a seperate issue.
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Hi Sytze,

Hope you solved this issue, already, though I am still interested what the solution was

What version of Mendix are you using? Did you update the Google maps widget after the merge?

Did you check your project directory /widget folder, there could be multiple versions there.

In that case, remove the both and update the latest from the app store.

Issues with custom widgets can best reported via GitHub to notify the developers. In this case: