Google Maps Widget NoMapKeyError

I'm developing an app that uses the Google Maps widget ( ), and the widget is used after navigating through several pages. I noticed that upon loading the app page, the app will load all the JavaScript sources required for the app (including google maps). I have set the API key for the Google Maps widget through the widget itself, but I realized that the console always warns me that no API key is supplied when running on local machine, testing or acceptance server. Running the app on a production server will return a console error MissingKeyMapError, and the widget would not load. I looked into the Google Maps widget and found that the line of code below that puts the API key to the HTML source if (!google.maps) { console.log( + ".update load Google maps"); var params = (this.apiAccessKey !== "") ? "key=" + this.apiAccessKey : ""; if (google.loader && google.loader.Secure === false) { google.loader.Secure = true; } window._googleMapsLoading = true; google.load("maps", 3, { other_params: params, callback: lang.hitch(this, function () { console.log( + ".update load Google maps callback"); window._googleMapsLoading = false; this._loadMap(callback); }) }); But this line of code never gets executed since google.maps already exist in the environment. Therefore, the API access key I have supplied never gets used. A workaround that I can think about is to enforce the widget to execute this line of code every time the widget loads, but this is quite ugly and definitely not a good workaround. Another workaround that I can think about is to hard code the script below to the index.html <script async defer src=""> </script> This works since it stops the constructor from creating a new script with no key, but this is not a practical solution and a bad practice. I also attempted to use HTMLSnippet module for this, but it does not stop the constructor from creating a new script. Does anyone have experienced this before?
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Are you only using this default Google Maps widget? If so, then at initial load when Google.maps is not available yet, the widget should trigger a call with the API key in it. If not, it is a bug in the widget I would say.