Format string widget

Hi guys,   I'm testing the widget 'Format string'. Can someone tell me how I could see the result of tab 'Customization' in which we have defined a string value for a time unit (seconds, minutes, hours and so on)?   Kind regards, Aleksandar
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Hi Aleksandar,

To show the time in seconds, minutes etc., you should set the attribute 'Behaviour' to relative. This way the value will be compared with the current time and show the time in minutes, hours etc. since this date has passed.

Hope this helps.


Hi Rami,


I put for date and time attribute 'Behaviour' to relative, and the custom string that I enter within a tab 'Customization' for a 'year' and for 'From now' didn't appear when I run the application.

I downloaded the version 5.5.2. Is there any way that this is not work or it's a bug? 


Kind regards,