Ck editor as mandatory filed for teaxt area but error message unable to clear

Ck editor we are using as mandatory filed, initially it is showing “this filed is required”  when I am not entered data. Then If enter the data also still displaying this error message. How can I clear this message.    
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I do not believe that the rich text editor there reset the validation message text when selecting in the field, like they do for other input fields.  I don't think this is something you can force directly without updating the javascript, but I believe there are other ways.

1) try setting the 'on change microflow' or 'on key press' of the CKEditor to a new microflow that refreshes the context entity. This may cause things toe be slightly clunky so you could also try:

2) adding a boolean value to your context entity called textEntered, then you can have your validation microflow check to see if the string you edit is empty or not.  If it is empty, use conditional visibility display on the page.  Then you can set the 'on key press' microflow to change the boolean to true.  This will give you the ability to put the validation text above the CKEditor in the page, which might look a little better.