Custom CSS styling - For the List View Swipe widget

Hello, I don't seem to be able to custom style the List Style Widget. In the documentation is says the following can be overwritten: Styling Styling base class is .widget-listview-swipe Default style, could be overwritten in CSS: The 'widget-listview-swipe-foreground' will be white #FFFFF The 'widget-listview-swipe-background' will be light light gray #d3d3d3 The 'widget-listview-swipe-background-after' will be gray #808080 Custom style applied to the .mx-listview-item ar normal Custom style to all swipe widget could also be applied to: .widget-listview-swipe-foreground .widget-listview-swipe-background-left .widget-listview-swipe-background-right .widget-listview-swipe-background-shared .widget-listview-swipe-background-after-left .widget-listview-swipe-background-after-right .widget-listview-swipe-background-after-shared Interactive classes .will-accept-swipe .swiping-right .swiping-left   In my <app folder>\theme\styles\css\custom\custom.css I have the following entry: .widget-listview-swipe-foreground {  background-color: #C4DFFC; } However it doesn't seem to have taken affect when I inspect the styling:   Does anyone know where I'm going wrong?   Thanks in advance. Adrian  
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Hi Adrian,

The styling rule in the widget is more specific than the custom one you specified, therefore the rule you added is ignored (you can see this because the rule gets striked through when inspecting). In cases like this, try to make your styling more specific, for example:

.widget-listview-swipe .mx-listview-item > .mx-dataview > .widget-listview-swipe-foreground {
    background-color: #C4DFFC;

Hope this helps!