Always highlight current date in date picker

Hi, This might be a very simple question but I did not find any answer for it. When using the date picker it starts by highlighting the current date. As soon as the user selects something else that highlight goes to that date. Is it possible to always highlight current date even after the user have selected something else? The current date highlight could be a border around the date in another color or anything similar. I guess that one could run some microflow on change but what happens when the user opens the date picker again? Seems messy.  
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Tested in Mendix 7.8.

The current date has a dijitCalendarCurrentDate class on the td. You can style this with custom css.

For example: you can give it the same style as the selected date.

border-radius: 50%;
background: #0595DB;



There is a widget in the appstore that might provide what you want: