Date(Time) placeholder text in datagrid search fields

Hi, Perhaps I am mistaken, but my client would like to display the date as dd-mm-jjjj and the time as uu:mm. This is easy in normale date(Time) fields. There I can set the placeholder text as dd-mm-jjjj in case of date. But the datagrid search fields don't have an option for this placeholder text. Am I not looking in the right direction, or should I ask for this "feature" via a ticket/idea ?  
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Feels to me like this should be good for the idea forum?

I ran a quick test and I don't see this option either, DateTime fields in a data grid can only search on the date part, apparently. What you could do as a workaround is split the Time part into a seperate attribute that will then be searchable (while your data grid remains the same).