Radio button list error in 7.8 version

Hello, The "Radiobutton List" widget helped us in designing the associations as radio button until Modeler 6.9.0. Now we have upgraded the modeler to 7.8 version and while migrating the project we are getting the below issue which occurs when user navigates away from the radio button page to other page and it works fine when user enters into the page. Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'children' of null at Object._createRadiobuttonNodes (widgets.js?636263688744647348:44204) at Object._updateRendering (widgets.js?636263688744647348:44060) at Object._populateRadiobuttonOptions (widgets.js?636263688744647348:44190) at Object.<anonymous> (widgets.js?636263688744647348:44176) at mxui.js?636263688744647348:5 at callback (widgets.js?636263688744647348:44358) at <anonymous> Observation: Identified the above error is caused becuse the inputNodes object is AssocRadioButtonList.js file -> createRadiobuttonNodes (method) -> nodelength = this.inputNodes.children.length; (line). 
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Hi Rupesh,

In the review of the widget I see someone else has the same problem. I would create an issue on github herefor: