Text box automatically focus when the page is loaded

Hi guys, I've a very easy task and it is about automatically focusing the specific text box when the page is loaded. I've found a solution to do this with jQuery and javascript, but my client doesn't want from me to use widget 'HTMLSnipet'. After that I tried with 'Tab index' option. If I understand correctly using 'Tab index' has the influence on the page objects when the user presses the button 'Tab' on keyboard and it doesn't give the possibility to focus specific object (in my case 'Text box') on the page without pressing the button 'Tab' on keyboard? :)  Also if there is any other option to solve this easy task, please let me know :)  Kind regards, Aleksandar
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this can be solved using the tab index.

Widget to focus first = tab index 0

Other widgets should ave tab index 1 and up. < this is key!



Hi guys,

I solve the problem! Layout of my page makes a problem because objects in the layout also have the option 'Tab index'. When you change the 'Tab index' of those objects from layout to higher value, everything works correctly. 

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