Table vs Layout grid

Hey, When would you use a table? Aren't (responsive) layout grids always handier? Regards, Joris
2 answers
  • I only use layout grids when I want to create responsive layouts;
  • I only use tables when I want to
    • Make use of table-cell properties like vertical alignment, 100% height, etc;
    • Fix widths of inline-elements and not have overlap. This could be when you always have a 20px button on the right side;
    • Create a table of static data.


When these things are not necessary, I use basic containers and position/size them. This creates a HTML structure that is a lot cleaner. HTML is for structure, CSS is for styling.


hi, most of the time indeed the layout grid is the way to go.

But you sometimes you have situations where responsiveness isn't needed. Even positioning of elements should be very static. In that case, it is handy to use tables. But still, I avoid to use them as much as possible.