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Hi guys, I was implementing functionality in which I need to use widget 'Geolocation for PhoneGap'. I need to implement functionality which is triggered when I click on this widget and it's connected with creating the progress bar and freezing page content until the microflow (which is called by that widget) finishes his workflow. I know that this functionality is implemented within standard Mendix button, but because this widget don't have this option I need to use java script inside this widget. I figured out about the functions  'mx.ui.showProgress()' and 'mx.ui.hideProgress()' which will show and hide progress bar. Now what I need is the function (java scrpit) which will freeze the page content until the workflow of this microflow is finished. Do you have any advice how I could do that? Thanks in advance, Kind regards, Aleksandar
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@Aleksandar you want to have a blocking progress bar to do this. What type of functionality is triggered that in turn triggers the progress bar?

To show an underlay (block content):;

To hide it again (release block of content):;

Hope this helps.
If you need help changing the widget to add the code to the correct locations just let me know.

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Never done this yet, but can you fork the widget and add event-handling to it? Event-handling will allow you to set the 'on enter settings' to respond like you described.