drop event on calendar widget

We have an existing java application that we want to rebuild as a mendix application. This is how our existing application looks like :   In the mendix application I use the Calendar widget (which uses the same jquery fullcalendar as our original application). But in the existing application we can drag an item of the "Afwezigheden" list into the calendar. I would like to have this same drag&drop functionality in my mendix application. How can this be done?
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Hi Olivier,

Not out of the box. If you persé would want this you could use 2 list views but then you have to style your second list view as a data calendar widget. Create day items for a month up front, create empty day items up frond if the month doesn't start on a monday and also on the end etc, but then it would be possible with the support of the drag and drop support widget from the app store:



You could also take a look at the "Drag and drop support demo project" in the appstore of how it works. The drag and support for listviews itself is not hard to setup.