Date 01-01-1970 when the date is not entered

Hi guys, I picked up a new task in which I need to resolve the bug which occurs within Mx 6.10.3 when the date is not entered. For some reason, the value '01-01-1970' appears in date picker when the call microflow on change event is triggered. I read about this bug and I know that this bug appears within modelers 6.10.3 and 6.10.2. Also I know that this bug is fixed within modeler 6.10.4, but I need to find a solution how to resolve this within Mx 6.10.3. I have one idea with changing the object attribute date to 'null' but I don't know how to put the null value for this attribute. Is there any way or action in which I could commit date as 'null' in database or is there any other solution to resolve this problem within Mx 6.10.3?  Thanks in advance, Kind regards, Aleksandar
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I still found it strange that Mx6.10.3 was not retracted because this bug is in my opinion not a trivial one. Make a hotfix microflow that retrieves all the objects with this date (and think about possible scenario's where that date is correct!) and then just set the attribute to empty. That is all it takes.




And why stick to 6.10.3. My advise would be to upgrade to a newer version.


See this microflow as example:





One option (which may not be best idea), would to use an "On leave" event on the date picker widget. In the microflow, do a check for the date is equal to '01-01-1970', if its true , use the change activity to set the attribute to empty, if its false don't do anything. 


Alternatively, you can check out these widgets


Hope this helps, I don't know much about this bug.


Hi guys,

I found a solution! :) 

I compared entered date and the date with value '11-02-1971'. If the entered date is before this value, then change it's value to 'empty'. This didn't work because on change action I didn't put commit. After I did that, everything works properly.

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