First day of the week setting

Hi guys, I'm trying to change the first day of the date picker, so it shows Monday instead of Sunday as the first day. There is a project setting called 'First Day Of The Week;, which according to the documentation "determines the first day of the week in the date picker widget." I would expect this does exactly what I want to, but no matter what i change this setting to, after restarting the app, the first day in the datepicker stays Sunday. I've tried it in Mx versions 7.7.1, 6.2.0 and 5.15.1. Is there anything I'm missing? Or am I misinterpreting this setting? Thanks! Kind regards, Bart Update: I've also tried in Mx 5.3.2 en 5.6.0 now, and the settings works as expected in those versions. But apparently somewhere between 5.6.0 and 5.15.1 it stopped working. So I'll create a ticket for this. Ticket  #60397
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Looks like it is taking the settings from your selected language. I have two languages. English (US) and Dutch. When I switch, the datepicker automatically changes the first day of the week dispite the setting in the modeler.