Tree View Configuration

I am trying to configure a three level tree view. I am using Mendix 7.10 version but I am getting the following error:Could not create widget TreeView.widget.TreeView   The details of configuration: Study->Zone->Section->Artifact I have configured the entities and relationships as described in the document but no luck. Any help is appreciated!!
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Hi Srinivas, the Treeview Widget has pretty decent js error handling, if you right click on the error in Chrome, choose Inspect and in the Console look for any setup errors related to the widget. Post your errors if you need any further help. 




Thanks for quick response!! 


mxui.js?636507001198238060:7 No permission to read or write entity undefined, check security!
error @ mxui.js?636507001198238060:7
mxui.js?636507001198238060:7 Could not create widget TreeView.widget.TreeView TypeError: Cannot read property 'isA' of undefined
    at Object.<anonymous> (widgets.js?636507001198238060:307)
    at Object.forEach (mxui.js?636507001198238060:7)
    at Object._setupTypes (widgets.js?636507001198238060:275)
    at Object.postCreate (widgets.js?636507001198238060:152)
    at Object.create (mxui.js?636507001198238060:7)
    at Object.postscript (mxui.js?636507001198238060:7)
    at new <anonymous> (mxui.js?636507001198238060:7)
    at mxui.js?636507001198238060:7
    at Object.forEach (mxui.js?636507001198238060:7)
    at i (mxui.js?636507001198238060:7)