Objects not being refreshed in page.

I have entity A that is associated 1-many with entity B. Entity A is also associated with entity X 1-many. Entity X has an association with entity Y 1-many. I have a page with a dataview (entity A) and a template-grid (entity B datasource: over association with entity A) . Whenever I delete the objects of entity B the template-grid is refreshed correctly. Also, in the same dataview there's a template grid (entity X datasource: XPath over association with entity A) and inside this grid there's another template grid (entity Y  datasource: over association with entity X). However, whenever I delete objects of entity Y the grid is not refreshed even though they are actually deleted (I checked in the microflow) and I've chosen the option to refresh in client.  
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Hi Firas,

Do you delete object Y using a microflow? You can retrieve object A in this microflow, delete Y, and then refresh object A: that should do the trick!



Are you sure you are refreshing the main entity of the page? Because if A,X and Y are refreshed but are all inside a page of entity Z you might see this kind of refresh issues.