Static Image missing in html template

Hi Team, We are generating html reports using document template which contains a static image. Issue: Static image is missing in html template when sent via email.(It was working fine in Mx 4.7.1) Any pointers would be appreciated. P.S: Updated description, problem was not with pdf template its with document type - html. TIA.   Regards, Swathi  
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Just a few thoughts

  1. Does the user have a module role in the module containing the image library
  2. What is the set size of the Image viewer 
  3. What is the content on the left/right of the image (are they pushing/covering the image)
  4. Conditional visibility
  5. Is the image still part of the model?
  6. using the image in the footer/header => is there other content in the footer/header and is this rendered as expected?