Custom Widget Development - display form in custom widget

Hello, I have a question, I am creating a custom widget, where I want simply pass form from the parent view and make widget re-usable.   I have added property of type "form"  to the .xml configuration file and in my widget.js file I`m able to read a value that is passed.   The last step that left is to display that form in the HTML, is there any common way?      
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Hi Damian,

You can open a page from within the widget using this Javascript code:

mx.ui.openForm("Administration/", {
    location: "content",
    callback: function(form) {

More information about this function you can find in the documentation at

By the way, there is not an option to send a form name as input parameter in a microflow, such that the microflow could open that page. But you can pass along a String value off course.

To display a page inline, you could take a look into the widget FormLoader, not sure if that's compatible with Mx 7, but it is compatible with Mx 6.

Kind regards,

Johan Flikweert


I am no master at widget building but to my knowledge it is possible to trigger a microflow from the widget. This way you could depending on the result call a microflow that opens this form. Not a sollution if you have a lot of different forms but doable with a small number of forms.