Datepicker/ Buttons/ Calendar widget relationship -- unexpected (and undesired ;)) results

Hi, I use a Calendar widget with a datepicker 'connected' to it, so that the calendar displays the week to which the selected date belongs. This works via an on-change microflow on the datepicker. Now I want to add buttons to move to the next/ previous week. The buttons call the same on-change microflow, only now I've manually added (at the start of the MF) the change in the relevant date-attribute (called 'StartDate', by using the addDays function). What happens: the date in the datepicker-field changes (+7/ -7 days), but the Calendar does not change along! :( [Note: I've tried several places for the manual change in the relevant date attribute, but none worked so far.] Any thoughts on why this might be the case? (Summing up: When I use the datepicker, both the date in the datepicker-field and the calendar change; when I use the buttons, only the date in the datepicker-field changes, the calendar does not change.)  How can I make the calendar change along? Regards, Joris
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Hi Joris,


Are you using the refresh in client setting in your microflow? at the end of your microflow, do a change event on the object that contains the date attribute and set "refresh in client" to yes.


Here is some documentation on it