How can i pass a dynamic URL value to a Link Widget at the Navigation Layout section ?

Hello, I'm working on a " Help/User Manual" utility which helps the users with information of the page when they click a Help Link at the top-right of the screen. So far, I could modify the navigation layout to add a link and a "Static URL" and it works. Problem 1:  i want to redirect the user to a different URL for each Page so that the help doc corresponds to a specific Mendix App page. Problem 2. I can compromise myself to bring the hyperlink from Navigation Layout to the page region under a data view(The data view will refer a domain model entity that holds URL and PageName). My questions: 1. How do i configure or pass a value to this "Help" hyperlink dynamically to address Problem 1? 2. Is there a variable to access current pagename such as "System.PageName"  that can return MyFirstProject.Page1?
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You can accomplish this with the mendix link button. If you place it in a dataview, you can map the url setting to an attribute.


also here is a link to the documentation for the "open link" action in an action button.


Hi Prasanna,

Problem 1 can be solved using the deeplink module: Read the instructions on that page to be able to create "referrals" to the correct Mendix page. For example, you can make a static link, like /link/resetpassword or look an item up by ID, like /link/app/43 or pass along a parameter like /link/MyMicroflow?input=parameter

You can extend this by using the set URL module to display this URL in the URL bar of the browser.

Problem 2, I find harder to solve it that way. It is possible to build a widget which knows on what page you are; but for a few pages I think it's easier to track it by always navigating using microflows and store the current location in a non-persistent entity.

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Johan Flikweert