ChartJS widget - Chart not displaying.

Hi, I have created a chart using the ChartJS widget, however it does not display on the page when viewed. Would it be possible for someone to see if there's a problem with my microflows? Many thanks Microflows: (Sub-microflow) Domain Model: Austin
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To make sure your data is created correctly, Can you create a page that displays the Chart object and all Dataset and Datapoint objects?  You'll need to have a Dataview and retrieve the Datasets and Datapoints via association (since the entitys are not persistable) using nested Listviews.

I am guessing that there is something going wrong in the microflow that creates the data - also, both Modelshares you included in your post pointed to the same microflow, so I couldn't see the Sub microflow.

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I made a small test in a sandbox project I have.  You can download the MPK here:  Once you download it, open it using Modeler 7.10.  The home page is a ChartJS bar chart that is like the one you described.  You can take a look at the source microflow and maybe that will help you get yours working.