Close page action in Mendix

Offline profile - Page 1 has a user settings list view whose length is restricted to 1. Inside the list view I have a custom widget which triggers a close page action followed by an open page action. The close page action does mx.ui.back() and  open page action navigates to the next page. However, though the user settings list view is limited to 1 and even after the page is navigated to the next page in stack, the initial page's(Page 1's) open page action is triggered again. My questions are: 1.Restricting usersettings list view value to 1 would not restrict the table load to 1 time? 2.Close page action does not totally exit current page's actions? If not what would the ideal close page action to totally exit all actions in the current page. Any assistance on this issue would be of great help.
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