Uploaded image not showing in the imageviewer

Hello everybody. I am currently adding functionality to the Mendix Training Management app. On the Trainee_NewEdit page, I've added a image uploader and a imageviewer.  I can succesfully upload a picture, but the viewer won't show the image. If I close the page, I see my uploaded image blinking for a milisecond, but it doesn't show in the viewer. The datamodel has an entity called TraineeImages. This is linked to System.Image by generalization. No attributes have been added to the entity. Read/write permissions have been set. There is a 1 - 1 relationship between TraineeImages and Trainee. The datasource for the imageviewer is "TrainingManagement.Trainee_TraineeImages/TrainingManagement.Trainee/TrainingManagement.Trainee_TraineeImages/TrainingManagement.TraineeImages" Who can tell me what I'm missing here? Thank you so much in advance :)
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Hi Bart,

Try adding a custom refresh action button in your NewEdit page. Images uploaded with the image uploader don't automatically refresh. Here's an example:

Hope this helps!