AutoPopulate the created record in drop down when using pop-up page dropdown

Hi Team, We are facing problem while using pop-up page drop down in mendix. The issue is, We have created popup page for selecting the address from drop down. Since, we used pop-up grid it is not assigning the value directly to drop down. The create address save action is been reflecting in the popup grid and from there user can choose the address(User need to select the record from popup page). Is it possible to display the newly created record will display in the drop down ? Note:We tried drop down without using pop-up page,here the created address save action is been reflected in the drop down automatically.But we want know in pop-up option we can achieve this functionality?   Thanks in Advance!
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You should refresh the main object in your popup screen. So in the save microflow trigger a refresh of the topmost object in your popup form. Because indeed the drop down list will only show the newly created adress when this form is refreshed.




How is the dropdown filled? If it is association it should show the newly created address. If there is no association use a datasource microflow to retrieve all the possible adresses it should show.